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Nov 15, 2006 at 05:55 PM

Tokyu Corporation originally purchased a 49 per cent share in Yanchep Sun City in 1974. The company then increased its ownership to 100 per cent in 1978. Assets at the time included Atlantis Marine Park and Club Capricorn .

By the time the St Andrews Project is completed, it will have been 50 years in the making. Some of the milestones already achieved in the development so far are outlined here.

Strategic Cooperation Agreement - A Shared Vision Project
Tokyu Corporation and The Western Australian Government have entered into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement which establishes a shared vision for the project.

The IDEA Project
The IDEA Project is a strategy which will lead to the north west corridor becoming an Australian centre of excellence in knowledge based, innovative technologies and service oriented industries.

Image Timeline
1976 - Acquisition
1989 - Development Strategy
1991 - Review of Urban Regulations
2000 - Detailed Feasibility
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